WeTel TV UAE and The Abrahamic Business Circle launching a Golf Series on 21st August 2021 from Sharjah

WeTel Television UAE and The Abrahamic Business Circle announce a cooperation agreement to foster long term strategic collaboration, enhance Industry 4.0 opportunities, and develop corporate golf in the UAE region.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formalizes a mutual interaction strengthening the existing relationship between the WeTel and the Abrahamic Business Circle at the Strategic and working level, focusing on the awareness of Industry 4.0 standards by organizingseries of business conclaves and golf series during Dubai Expo2020, starting from 21st of August 2021

The launch of the golf series will be on the 21st of Aug, 2021 at Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club for 9 holes at 04:00
PM shotgun time. This event is a gathering of hundreds of “thoughtful and Iconic Leaders” from the corporate world
who share a common interest in development through business networking using social interaction over a game of golf.

The “Golf Series” will be the first major event in UAE produced in collaboration with The Abrahamic Business
The Abrahamic Business Circle comes on the back of the “Abraham Accord” which is a historic break-through
agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel. It was signed on September 15, 2020, in
Washington DC, USA

H.E.Dr.Dr.h.c.Raphael Nagel, Founder & Chairman of The Abrahamic Business Circle said “This event will focus
exclusively on one of the most important challenges of our time: how do we create innovation ecosystems across the
country? Our vision is ambitious, which is nothing less than to reshape the entire way we think about business
development and growth”.

Professor Adil Matin, President of WeTel TV at the MOU signing quoted that “We expect several hundred people
from emerging organizations to participate, including entrepreneurs and other innovators. Additionally, the event will
feature leading companies, Venture capital firms, Academic institutions, and startups from UAE.